Interaction with Ms Caroline Vik

Event-Date: 2024-04-04

Interaction with Ms Patricia Smith

Event-Date: 2024-03-18

Interaction with Rand Corporation

Event-Date: 2024-01-10

Talk by Mr Asanga Abeyagoonasekera

Event-Date: 2023-08-07

Talk by Dr Joseph Torigian

Event-Date: 2023-07-03

RTD on China's Two Sessions 2023

Event-Date: 2023-06-21

Virtual Interaction with CSIS

Event-Date: 2023-02-08

Interaction with Mr Francesco Sisci

Event-Date: 2023-02-27

Talk by Prof Chisako Masuo

Event-Date: 2023-03-15

Interaction with Mr Michael Pillsbury

Event-Date: 2023-03-17

Virtual Interaction with INSS, Israel

Event-Date: 2023-05-11

Talk by Dr Shashi Bala

Event-Date: 2023-05-11

US Congressional Staffs visited CCCS

Event-Date: 2022-10-03

Virtual Interaction with MERICS

Event-Date: 2022-09-21

Talk by Prof Dr Shashi Bala

Event-Date: 2022-05-10

Talk by Dr. Ashley J Tellis

Event-Date: 2022-04-04

Interaction with IISS, UK

Event-Date: 2022-03-21

Virtual Interaction with AIDIA, Nepal

Event-Date: 2021-09-28

Virtual Interaction with CSIS, US

Event-Date: 2021-09-08

Virtual Interaction with BIPSS

Event-Date: 2021-08-16

Virtual Interaction with INSS, Israel

Event-Date: 2021-07-29

Interaction with Mr. Andrew Small

Event-Date: 2021-10-11

Interaction with INSS

Event-Date: 2021-09-30

Meeting with Mr Edward Luttwak

Event-Date: 2021-09-21

Interaction with MERICS

Event-Date: 2021-09-03

Virtual talk with Amb. Dr. Propper

Event-Date: 2021-04-26

Meeting with Vice Chairman, NITI Ayog

Event-Date: 2021-03-11

Round Table Discussion by NSCS

Event-Date: 2021-03-03

Web-Interaction with MERICS

Event-Date: 2021-01-27

Interaction with INSS

Event-Date: 2020-09-30

Virtual Interaction with CSIS

Event-Date: 2020-09-08

Virtual Interaction with IFRI, France

Event-Date: 2020-09-07

Interaction with MERICS

Event-Date: 2020-09-03

Meeting with INSS, Israel

Event-Date: 2020-07-29

Virtual Interaction with MERICS

Event-Date: 2020-05-04

Virtual discussion with CICIR

Event-Date: 2020-10-14

Webinar on GEI and OSOWOG

Event-Date: 2020-10-13

Panel meeting on webinar with CIISS

Event-Date: 2020-09-15